Mindfulness - The art of simply noticing

Mindfulness & Meditation

“Nixie enables you to immerse yourself in another world through her deeply soothing tone and understanding of who you are. She offers a safe and spiritual haven where you can utterly let go, recharge and reconnect with who you truly are.”

I have been teaching mindfulness and meditation for over the last 15 years. It wasn’t known then as it is now and thankfully since then a huge amount of research has been conducted showing the enormous impact that a regular practice can have upon your life. When you are mindful of what you are doing, thinking and who you are being, then you have the power to make positive and sustainable changes in your life.

Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness

People who practice regularly are shown in research to be happier, less stressed, kinder, less prejudiced towards others, more content with life, more adaptable and productive.

Stress and Anxiety

90% of all health issues are caused or aggravated by stress. When we meditate we drop down into a deep state of relaxation that when practiced for 12 minutes and longer our body goes into rest mode which is 2-5 times deeper than sleep. Long term meditators recover quicker from stressful situations than non-meditators.


When we meditate our bodies go into a healing mode. In research it has been shown that people who meditate regularly live longer with greater health than non-meditators and they have on average:
50% less visits to hospital
55% less cancer
87% less heart disease

Increase in Happiness

Research on Buddhist monks when meditating has shown that their pre-frontal cortex (the part associated with happiness) was found to be extra active. After meditating an inner feeling of contentment becomes the norm and we begin to respond to situations in a calmer, quieter and happier manner.

Meditation improves Sleep

Meditation has been shown to trigger the relaxation response which helps us go to sleep more easily.

Noticeable Positive Changes

When meditation and mindfulness are practiced regularly life can be lived with greater ease, a gentle presence, a loving kindness, a lightness of being, a more positive outlook, deeper sleep, improved relationships and greater health.

Improved Relationships

Mindfulness teaches us to be more aware of what is going on within us and around us. As your practice deepens, stress lessons, sleep improves, and kindness and compassion towards yourself becomes the norm. This leads to happier, more fulfilling and content relationships – with yourself and loved ones.

“ Your entire experience can change in an instant when things that have gone unnoticed are suddenly noticed.” Peter Francis Dziuban

How I can help you

With my expertise and passion I teach you a wide variety of different methods, tools and techniques that I have learnt and practice in my life which you can start using immediately.

When you learn how to slow everything down, bringing kindness and warmth to your thoughts and sensations, your nervous system is able to settle back into ventral vegas, where you feel calm, connected, curious and courageous and you are able to enjoy your life more fully. Knowing that when another challenging time comes you have the resources to be able to help yourself through it with greater ease, confidence, compassion and support.

I teach mindfulness 1:1, in small groups and on retreats.

“I found Nixie’s sessions to be incredible. She had been highly recommended through a friend. The sessions were instrumental in helping me to slow down and focus on what is important in my everyday life. To be honest I cannot recommend Nixie enough!”