Restoring your emotional wellbeing

Hi, I'm Nixie

My work is devoted to supporting and guiding you into living life from a place of inner peace, contentment, tenderness and warmth. When we can turn our natural capacity for compassion inward, our nervous system settles, our cells relax, our immune system is strengthened and our thinking mind works for us rather than against us.

My mission is to create a loving, powerful presence where you feel seen and heard with a depth and tenderness that touches your soul. This is because when we are seen deeply and tenderly for who we are, we can free ourselves of the burdens of our childhoods, and from our entanglements in our families. This will enable you to live life with fullness and vitality, where the relationship with your inner self and loved ones can be restored and healed.

Nixie Graham

How you love another is determined by how you love yourself

How I can support you

One-to-one sessions

In one to one sessions I am here to fully see you, listen to you and support you in untangling the issues that are bringing you to therapy.


I am here to support your relationship, whether it be to work through issues where you are feeling stuck or to find an amicable separation.

Family constellations

Systemic family constellations enables us to look with a wider systemic lens at personal issues, releasing entanglements and bringing resolution and healing.
The quality of the relationship you have with your inner self will determine all your other relationships in life.

The path to healing your negative self talk is to greet your words and bodies with gentle loving warmth and tenderness.
Regardless of age or painful life experiences you can change and heal.

“Nixie has given me a ‘toolkit’ to use throughout my daily routine which has been invaluable in coping with stresses and strains of living. Thank you SO much.”