Transforming our life, healing our world.
One sacred, conscious, loving step at a time.

Nixie Graham


I’m Nixie Graham, I help people from all walks of life to change their energy and transform their lives. In order to live peacefully and happily with ourselves and our families we need to let go of stress, anxiety and old wounds.

I help and guide you to awaken to your True, Divine Self. When we wake up out of the dreamless state and become fully awake and conscious we become wonderful creators. We all can create the life we dream of, we just need to know how.

Using my skills as a healer and meditation teacher my mission is to help you to feel enriched, enlightened, empowered and glowing from the inside out. Together we can create a loving, conscious, caring, healthy community around the world.

Transforming our life, healing our world. One sacred, conscious step at a time.

“Thank you with all my heart, I am blown away by what you do.” Sarah