“One of the best decisions I ever made was to see Nixie. I felt so safe and supported”

Ready to make the first step?

Contact me to book your free 15 minute consultation call.

This helps us to discover if I am best suited to help you and if you like the sound of me.  If I don’t feel I can help you, or you would rather not work with me, I will do my best to recommend alternative therapists who might suit you better.


Generally sessions last for 1 hour, but you can book 30 minutes sessions or 90 minute sessions.
This depends on the issue you are bringing to therapy. I don’t like to recommend an amount of sessions because it all depends on the work that you want do with me.
With couples and individual work we are exploring what issue you are bringing and wanting support and help with. Like in all good relationships we are working out if we can work well together. If we both feel there is a good fit we can continue.

I work on line with zoom and in person in Hampshire.

Yes! Research has shown that therapy on line is comparable to in person therapy. The added advantages being you don’t have to travel and can access people all over the world from your home, office or (parked!) car.

Session options

In person, telephone and zoom sessions are available.

Individual and Couple Appointments £100 per hour or £485 for a block booking of 5 sessions.

Family constellations £150 for 1.5 hours

Contact nixie@nixiegraham.com to schedule an appointment