In constellation work we ask what opens the collective heart of the entire family system

Family Systemic Constellations

Family constellations is a powerful method that identifies and resolves difficult life issues in family, health, business, environment or work. We look at who and what has been excluded, identifying areas of unconscious loyalty that we may be aligning with and therefore stopping us from flowing in life in the way we are longing for.

We explore our connections to our family, social, cultural, historical and natural systems, observing where there may be imbalances, entanglements or unacknowledged loyalties. Remarkable insights and resolution that comes from this work enables us to move on with our lives.

Upcoming Workshops

Attending a workshop in Family Constellations offers possibilities for healing and transformation. It allows one to take big and small steps towards personal clarity and resolution of ancestral wounds. It is unlike any other therapy in that we are bringing light to the suffering that has occurred in previous generations of our family members, that may be impacting and contributing to current difficulties. We work with the hearts desire for healing so that these difficulties can hopefully be laid to rest and we can live our life with greater freedom and choice.

This work can happen in a group of people in person, on line and one-to-one.

Systemic Constellation Workshop in Overton, Hampshire
Tuesday 2nd May 2023
10.00am – 5.00pm
£75 for the day


There are three ways to participate in the workshops; as an issue holder, a representative and as a witness.

When participating as a witness or representative in other people’s constellations we are also partaking in our our own personal, developmental work. As we lend ourselves in other’s stories, we not only assist in their healing resolution but also our own, gaining systemic insight, wisdom and understanding.

Selecting issue holders on the day of the workshop is the original way of working. Those who wish to explore their issues are asked to name what they wish to bring on the day.
I trust that the field provides what we need individually and collectively as a group and by doing so it honours this way of working.
By taking part in the day, whether your issue is chosen or not, it enables the whole group to engage in their own personal work and exploratory learning.

Please understand that not everyone who books onto a workshop will participate as an issue holder. I wish to remind you that by simply taking part and trusting in this work, as a witness, representative or bringing your own issue, profound learning, insights and understanding can come to you and everyone in the group.


“I wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for helping me to find the essence of me . It was my heart’s desire and now I feel so calm and centred and have a full understanding of my blood line.”

“It was my first experience of a constellation workshop and it’s an understatement to say it blew me away . I can’t put into words the emotional and spiritual healing that came from my constellation as well as being part of other people’s life stories.”

“Family systemic constellation work has had such a profound and beneficial impact on healing the wounds in my life. The workshop days are immersive and intensely experiential, in a sense of healing, sharing and learning – really beautiful. Working with Nixie has helped me find the freedom in myself. The space she holds is safe and focussed, and I leap forward in each session. Thank you.”

“I found that being part of other’s’ constellations was moving, invigorating and often brought me more in touch with my own material, myself and my needs.”

“Doing my own constellation was extremely powerful, cathartic and felt truly “ wonder- full” for me.”

“I always felt in totally safe hands and trusted the process because of your potent combination of warmth, acceptance and obvious therapeutic skill, you really held boundaries when necessary and reacted to support and honour each individual.I love the creative way you guided us, gave us the needed words sometimes and really addressed the roots of what was brought.
I can’t thank you enough and I’d definitely like to come back and do it again. Many thanks and warm wishes”

“I did an online constellation with Nixie. I was amazed by how powerful and transformative the work was. Nixie is so intuitive and sensitive she seems to know exactly the right things to say and characters and energies to bring in. Briefly we were working on very old trauma and shock that i was holding in my body which manifested in me finding it hard to full exhale….and now i find i can breath out fully and most importantly find deeper relaxation.”

“Thank you Nixie for the piece of work we did on line via zoom around my relationship with my 4 adult children. It was brilliant the way you placed markers on the floor and then stood on each. I feel we are in greater balance with each other and I have resumed my proper place and size. I love the way you work and your great love and respect for the work is palpable.Thank you”

“Working with Nixie with systemic constellations is a very powerful experience. It is different to therapy but really helped me to clear the way so I could see down a different path that I hadn’t been able to see down before.”

Contact me to find out more and reserve a place.

In this short video Rupert Sheldrake explains more on Morphic Fields and Systemic Family Constellations:

Benefits of Family Constellations

• Seeing your life through a new lens
• Gaining clarity about your life
• Creating positive shifts in your important relationships – parents, partner, children, etc.
• Being at peace with your past
• Developing inner strength and wisdom
• Freeing you and your children from ancestral entanglements
• Identifying and dissolving loyalties that are keeping you stuck
• Restoring the flow of love in your family

The article below explains more about Family Constellations and was written by Emma Pruen for Wave Magazine.

“When we look at our parents, then we see that behind them are their parents, and behind their parents are other parents, and so on through many generations. The same life flows through all of them until it reaches us.”

Bert Hellinger