When we feel understood and seen by others we can begin to heal

One-to-One sessions with Nixie

In order for relationships to work there needs to be a balance in giving and taking

Are you looking for some personal support? Nixie offers individual sessions, couples sessions and systemic constellations, online, via phone or in person.

Navigating relationships is a part of life and not one we are generally taught. We learn from our parents as they did from theirs and sometimes we need help and guidance in untangling the knots that have developed over the years and past generations.
In individual sessions we will establish a sense of what you are hoping to achieve and what you want to explore, be curious about and change. We slow everything down, listen to the body’s wisdom, staying curious and open to what wants to emerge.

"Change the doing or the viewing - if something works, do more of it - if something doesn’t work, do less of it or something different."

Steve de Schazar

Couple sessions

Couple sessions are for those who want to explore together where things have got stuck. We explore your relationship – not only what is not working but also what is working.

Using the systemic lens we look at patterns and habits, values and beliefs from the wider perspective of our families and ancestors, that may be keeping us blindly loyal and creating difficulties with the one we love.

Fertility Support
Nixie supports couples and individuals who are going through fertility treatment. Creating a baby is not always that straight forward which she knows from her own personal experience. It can be a long and painful process. It takes tremendous courage and bravery to go through any sort of fertility treatment and Nixie will support you with tenderness, warmth and care on your journey.

Options for One 2 One and couples' support:

In person, telephone and zoom sessions are available.

Individual and Couple Appointments £100 per hour or £485 for a block booking of 5 sessions.

Contact nixie@nixiegraham.com to schedule an appointment