Kind words

Thank you to all who come before me. I know I am blessed to have found the work that I love so deeply.

“Nixie came highly recommended from a close friend who had previously attended her class so when I saw that she was offering a mindfulness class for pregnancy I didn’t hesitate to sign up! And I have to say that the sessions were incredible.
There is a sense of peace and calm as Nixie guides you through the session and you’re able to unwind and focus (in a safe environment) on you, your breath and your baby. I found this to be incredibly helpful as I suffer from anxiety and the thought of birth looming wasn’t helping!
So the weekly sessions were instrumental in helping me to slow down and focus on what was important – me and baby. And the best part is that as a result of the meditation practice with Nixie I was able to implement this same sense of calm in my everyday life (as hectic as it can be). Not to mention she was wonderful at putting my mind at ease about the birth and those days following with our chats after the sessions.
To be honest I cannot recommend Nixie enough!” Maria

Nixie Graham

“Nixie is an incredibly deep and profound healer. My session with her helped me release ingrained patterns that have been limiting me for years if not all of my life. Her gentleness and care are supportive and encouraging and she has a wonderful, magical quality about her. You are incredible. Thank you thank you!” Jackie

Thank you thank you thank you ….. huge thanks for making me feel so free and calm…. I didn’t think it was possible but the past two days have been inspirational and I am very excited about my future and the future I have with my children and husband and how adopting a mindful way of life and meditation will guide us all along the way. My eyes are utterly opened. Thank you so much.” Rebecca

For 2 nights in a row now my son has slept soundly and peacefully through the night without waking. The relief for both of us is absolutely huge. I am so grateful for your help Nixie, we really appreciate your amazing abilities to be able to bring us peace.” Ange

I have been learning to meditate for a few years, and have recently been attending a group meditation with Nixie.
Every teacher brings something new to the process, and I have benefited enormously from Nixie’s sessions.
She has an amazing energy and holds the space with the lightest of touch, but with great integrity and kindness. Her guided meditations are completely accessible whether you are trying it for the first time, or whether you have experience. Her ethos is one of complete inclusivity, and I have achieved a greater clarity and focus through sitting in her group. And, above all, it is always fun.” Judith

Nixie is an amazing font of knowledge and spending time with her at a time when I was totally exhausted and run down, she was able to pin point any deficiencies and what my body most needed at the time. With suggestions ranging from nutrition to meditation, I learnt so much and it gave me an opportunity to really look at my wellbeing and how I could improve it.” Melanie

I’d been having trouble sleeping for about the last 3 to 6 months. I could fall asleep but never stay asleep, I would wake up many times during the night and be wide awake. The wonderful Nixie did some energy work on me and as like magic I have slept through the night ever since. I could not recommend Nixie enough, THANK YOU!” Lucy

I have really really enjoyed my weekly meditations with Nixie – her energy, her beauty and absolute passion for meditation is fantastic. She has taught me how to find peace and calmness in an extremely busy world. Thank you.” Nicky

I have really really enjoyed my weekly meditations with Nixie – her energy, her beauty and absolute passion for meditation is fantastic. She has taught me how to find peace and calmness in an extremely busy world. Thank you.” Nicky

I have so enjoyed my meditation sessions with Nixie. I have developed an inner life process that has enhanced the quality of peace within. Nixie has given me a ‘toolkit’ to use throughout my daily routine which has been invaluable in coping with stresses and strains of living. Thank you SO much.” Olivia

“I was a little apprehensive about my meditation before I started with Nixie, but I need not have worried. She guides you through the sessions and the feeling of peace at the end of it has astonished me, everything they say about meditation is true. I finally have space in my head where I am at peace, all thanks to the fabulous Nixie who is a total joy and has the most calm and soothing voice I have ever heard, I never want to leave her. I cannot recommend her highly enough, one of the best decisions I have ever made.” Caroline

“I would absolutely recommend Nixie’s meditation class, it’s a very welcome hour of calm and connection into a hectic week…I always feel relaxed from the moment I arrive in her space and it stays with me for hours after I leave.” Rachel

“I now feel like I could fly from the roof tops. Thank you SO much.” Charlotte.

I have had a few meditation sessions with Nixie. They have been extremely powerful and healing. Nixie is incredibly intuitive and this has helped me so much. As well as the beautiful meditation she has given me wonderful practical advice on nutrition and day to day ways to make life more enriched. I highly recommend anyone to work with Nixie.” Jo.

“Nixie Graham is a magical human being who brings sparkle, warmth and kindness to everyone she encounters. She has a natural empathy and her meditation practice is relaxing, calming and insightful. She is very informed in many wellness disciplines and holistic therapies and combines all of these in her individual sessions. I have the great fortune of spending 3 retreats per annum with her in Morocco where our day starts with her leading an energizing meditation and later she brings it to a close with a restorative and reflective session. I wish I lived closer to her so she could play an even bigger role in my happiness, wellbeing and life in general.” Victoria

Nixie Graham

“May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.” John O’Donohue