About Me

I grew up in a large, loving family but I always felt like I was different. I saw spirits, I felt their presence and I knew there was a world around me that no-one else seemed to experience or know about.

I was constantly drawn to looking at ‘alternative’ ways of living with nature and as soon as I could I started reading and researching about energy, mediumship and looking at ‘natural’ ways to heal the mind, body and spirit.

My intention was to search for the most enlightened teachers that I could learn from so that I could have a greater understanding of life, why we behave as we do and how to enrich, inspire, uplift and transform our energy and therefore our life.

My husband and I lived in Sydney for 4 years and I studied intensively for 3 years at the College of Holistic Counselling. For the next 25 + years I have continued and committed to keep on learning and deepening my practices from world renowned teachers and mentors.

Some of my teachings have included: Macrobiotics, Meditation, Focussing Technique, Energy Psychology, and Addictions Training, all in Australia; Space Clearing with Karen Kingston in Bali; and Chopra Yoga and Health Coaching with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in the USA. More recently, I have studied with the School of Modern Mystics online with Belinda Davidson. I am currently studying with the Centre for Systemic Constellations.

I fell in love with meditation in my early 20’s.  It has been my guiding light, my grounding staff and is where I connect to the Divine Sacredness of life and love.

My life’s work is about being fully present for you with clarity, love, wisdom and grace so that together we can heal old wounds and explore new ways of being so that you can step into your future with clarity, love, wisdom and a beautiful presence of being.

I work in a range of ways – with individuals, retreats, workshops and meditation courses.

“Do you believe in magic?” she asked. “I believe in you,” he said. “And you’re the closest thing to magic that I’ve found.”
J.M. Green